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The Mint and Orange Fettucine

A fancy and unusual spaghetti sauce, where the whole recipe is greater than the sum of its ingredients: fettucine with mint and orange. The salty taste is brought by the parmesan cheese, a sweet and orangy aroma from the zest and orange juice while the mint provides a balance between all these ingredients...


- Butter, to taste
- 1 cup Freshly chopped mint leaves
- Orange zest from one orange
- Some salt and freshly ground black pepper
- Good quality orange juice from the store or better freshly squeezed
- 1/2 cup grated Parmesan; or more as desired
- 1 pound Fettuccine


With the proper grating tool, grate the orange to get its zest. Make sure you grated all of the zest from that orange.
Boil your fettuccine pasta in a pot with boiling water as per package instructions, or actually a little less time for the 'al dente' level.
Meanwhile heat up your favorite skillet on the stove; melt the butter and when it is melted add the orange zest and the mint, season as per your taste.

Pour the orange juice in and make it evaporate until it reduces downto 2/3 of its inital volume and that the sauce has thickened enough.
Drain the fettuccine pasta when they are done, drop them in a mixing bowl with the sauce and mix well.  Add the grated parmesan cheese and serve immediately.