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Spaghetti alla Buttera

Here is a nice hearty recipe, invented in the Tuscan land of the italian cowboys, the butteri, hence the name of the dish: pasta alla buttera. The basic ingredients of this dish are pork and wild boar sausages, as well as the much-appreciated Tuscan pecorino, which are some of the iconic ingredients of the regional cuisine of Maremma. This is a main course dish, given its richness and combination of flavors due to the presence of meat, olives, pasta, tomatoes and olive oil. This traditional recipe is easy to prepare, and does not require a high level of experience in the kitchen, but the necessary attention must be given instead to the choice of quality ingredients that will help ensure the desired delicious spaghetti this can be.

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* 1 lb. [450 g.] of spaghetti or penne
* 3 cups tomato sauce
* 3 pork sausages
* 3 wild boar sausages
* 25 black olives
* 3 cloves garlic
* 1 onion
* 1 red pepper
* 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
* salt to taste
* grated Tuscan Pecorino cheese

Cooking instructions:

1) Pour plenty of water in a pot, which will be used to cook the pasta.

2) Slice the ends of the onion and of the garlic cloves. Remove the casings from the sausages; pour the olive oil in a large skillet. Fry the chopped herbs and add the sausages.

3) Finely chop the chilli and add it to the pan. Meanwhile, slice the black olives in ring; sauté the over medium heat, mixing well. Add the tomato sauce, continuing to stir the sauce with a wooden spoon from time to time.

4) When the water for the pasta starts to boil, add salt and the dry spaghetti. Season the sauce with salt, not too much because the sausages already have their spices, and add some of the cooking water of the pasta in the pan.

5) When the pasta is al dente, drain and pour the pasta into the pan to finish cooking incorporating the sauce. Place the pasta on plates and sprinkle with the grated pecorino cheese. That's it, your spaghetti alla buttera is ready.

Serve and enjoy Tuscan cuisine with this traditional dish!

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