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An easy to make and delicious recipe for a dish that won't take much effort for a lot of taste; spaghetti or pasta with bacon in a tomato sauce. Many people love bacon, then once combined with pasta and tomatoes the resulting dish is simply out of this world!

a plate of pasta with pancetta or bacon

Ingredients (4 guests):

* 2 pounds ripe tomatoes
* 1 pound bacon, or pancetta (more if desired)
* 1 onion
* 1 pound (450g) of your favorite pasta (linguine, spaghetti, etc...)
* 3 knobs of butter
* half cup of Parmesan to serve
* Salt and freshly ground pepper
* 1 teaspoon fresh oregano
* 1 teaspoon basil

Cooking instructions - 10 short steps:

Step 1: Peel the tomatoes: boil them in water boiling for one minute, then dip them in cold water for another minute and then peel their skin.

Step 2: Chop the tomatoes to small bits.

Step 3: Cut the bacon slices in small horizontal strips, all in the same direction.

Step 4: Put the bacon in an ungreased skillet (cooking bacon generates enough fat in itself) and cook it under medium-high heat until done. Discard all the bacon fat.

Step 5: Chop very thinly your onion, to lower the fire and to add it to the casserole. Drop the butter knobs in at this point

Step 6: Cook 5 more minutes and then add the tomatoes, the oregano, basil and season with salt to your taste.

Step 7: Allow your sauce to simmer under low setting for 10 minutes, mixing and stirring occasionally.

Step 8: Cook the pasta in your favorite pasta pot in boiling water following the manufacturer instructions on the package.

Step 9: Mix with the sauce so that it is nice and even. Throw in the pasta once ready.

Step 10: Fix each individual plate, sprinkle grated parmesan cheese on each plate and then serve.