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It was once widely accepted that it was the chinese who taught the Italians how to make pasta... recent research suggests otherwise however, but nobody will ever dispute the fact that pasta has been enjoyed in China and Japan since a very long time ago. The focus of this site is to bring ideas on how to make excellent pasta with great recipes, so why not discuss Asian Noodles? I know this may seem far fetched, for a spaghetti sauce site... but I do love asian noodles too!

Allow me to introduce this new section of my spaghetti sauce site, this section will present many ideas on how to prepare asian style meals, with a focus on noodles, with western means; i.e. what is generally available in the stores of America, Europe and Australia. If you are looking for actual italian pasta recipes, may we suggest that link.

Udon with Shrimp in Tamari Sauce
Japanese Soba with Vegetables
Fried Ramen with Shrimp
Udon Shrimp Tempura
The Won Ton Soup
Fusion Yakisoba

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