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Pasta with shrimp and bacon in béchamel sauce

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There is something absolutely extravagant about this sauce... this one is definitely for those special days when you just go 'all in' and want to please your guests, without worrying about fat. This recipe always hits the target... for 6 people if you use the quantities outlined here. This meal tastes just as amazing when reheated,
just store any leftovers in the refrigerator for no more than one day or two, with pasta mixed in with the sauce, add some extra-virgin olive oil, some Pecorino and ... mamma mia!

srhimps in bechamel with pasta
shrimp in bechamel sauce


6 tablespoons regular, salted Butter
6 tablespoons white flour
2 cups 15% cream
3 cups milk
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
3 cloves garlic
salt, to your taste
one pack white mushrooms
one onion
one red bell pepper
1 lb. Bacon
1 lb. Shrimp, preferably larger ones
1.5 pound linguine pasta
Some Pecorino Romano for serving


First thing would be to prepare your ingredients;
dice the onion, chop the bell pepper, clean and chop the mushrooms, slice the bacon to thin strips, thaw the shrimp if frozen.

In a large saucepan, drop the bacon slices, no oil nor butter, and cook your bacon until about half way cooked.
Discard the excess liquid bacon fat, press in one garlic clove, and drop the shrimp in with bacon
Cook until you feel the shrimps are cooked enough; keep in mind that if you overcook them, your shrimp will reduce in size dramatically.
Reserve the shrimp and bacon mixture in a bowl but keep some bacon fat in the pan.
Now drop in your chopped vegetables and cook them; I would try to put the onion bits last, as the onion needs less time to cook.
One your vegetables are cooked, drop them in that bowl where we earlier reserved the shrimps and bacon.

Set your heat setting to medium.
Drop the butter in that saucepan, melt it but do not allow the butter to brown or burn; immediately mix in the flour,
by adding it to the melted butter little by little.
Now pour in the cream, increase heat setting to medium-high, and mix constantly.
Once the cream is well blended with the flour and butter, add the salt, nutmeg and pour in the milk, and keep stirring.
Bring to the point where your sauce is just about to boil; when this happens if your sauce is still not thick enough reduce heat and
allow it to reduce a bit, of course stirring constantly. 

Pour your now finalized bechamel sauce to that bowl where you had reserved the shrimp, bacon and vegetables and mix gently...
Set your pasta to boil in your favorite pot; cook it following package instructions or 'al dente'; drain when ready.

Fix each plate by first laying down your pasta, then pouring some nice sauce over it.
Allow your guests the leisure to add some pecorino romano to their plate if they so desire.
Serves 6

Buon appetito!