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Spaghetti di Campagna

Another great recipe for an all-meat spaghetti di campagna; straight from the italian countryside.
The duck fat gives this sauce a very different flavor.  Try this for an interesting non-commercial and
traditional taste...

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Spaghetti alla campagna


* 1/2 lb. spleen of beef,
* one small duck,
* extra virgin olive oil,
* 1 chopped onion,
* 1 lb. pancetta or bacon,
* 1 stalk celery, sliced
* 1 carrot, sliced
* pinch of salt,
* 3 cups (3/4 liter) tomato sauce, homemade or store-bought, and
* 1 lb. spaghetti or your favorite long pasta.

Cooking instructions:

Chop the beef spleen, to small bits.
Take the duck, clean it, put it to cook in the oven in with olive oil,
in  a large skillet, throw in the chopped onion, chopped bacon, celery and carrot.
Cook until the bacon is crisp. Reserve until the duck is cooked.
Once the duck is done, take about a half cup duck fat for the sauce
and save the rest to be used in other future recipes.
Cut out all the duck meat from the cooked duck.
Bringing back the skillet add a little hot water, add salt, add the duck's meat,
add to the sauce the spleen bits, cook for 5 minutes.
When the spleen bits are cooked, add the fresh tomato sauce.
Cook the spaghetti as per package instructions, until 'al dente'.  Drain.

Serve immediately.  Have some Parmesan cheese for your guests to sprinkle over their meal;
These quantities will be good for 5-6 portions.