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Spaghetti alla campagnola

An authentic recipe from the italian countryside!

The spaghetti alla campagnola, can be lauded for its simplicity, and most certainly its great taste!
Campagnola means lady from the countryside in Italian language...


1 lb. pasta such as spaghetti; also great with penne;
1 yellow pepper, 1 green, 1 red;
1/3 cup of grated parmesan cheese;
2 pinches of thyme;
2 small zucchini;
1 sprig of basil;
extra virgin olive oil, half cup;
Ground chili flakes as desired.; Salt to your taste


Preparing the vegetables: cut the zucchini in thin slices; cut the peppers and discard their stems, seeds and veins, wash them, dry them and slice them into thin strips.

Warm up the oil in your favorite sauce-making skillet. Put in the zucchini and pepper strips and sauté for 4 minutes, pour a half cup of hot water, cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring the whole thing with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle a chili for those who like and add 2 tablespoons of water, continue cooking, stirring for 5 minutes.

Adjust salt and add thyme and basil prepared after being washed and dried, do not forget to chop them very finely.

Then bring to a boil in a pot 3 liters of water and salt, then pour the pasta and stir and follow package instruction and cook until 'al dente'
Drain the pasta, and when it is well drained but still moist pour it into the pan with the sauce we made at first.

Mix the pasta in the sauce to coat it well; stir and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Now put everything in a nice serving dish and serve while it is hot.

Buon appetito!

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