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Chicken spaghetti

A cute and simple little spaghetti sauce, for a regular everyday dish that is special...


Important but not essential: food processor
1 pound package of spaghetti pasta
1/2 onion
1 clove garlic
1 green chili
Salt and pepper to taste
12 small broccoli heads
1 red pepper
Worcestershire sauce, to taste
and of course, 4 boneless chicken breasts (or equivalent weight in thighs) cut in small squares


Time for preparation: 40 min
1. Set to cook the spaghetti pasta in your favortite pasta boiling pot, as per package instructions (a little less boiling time, actually) and once be ready drain it.
2. Blend with a food processor with a little water, the onion, the garlic, the green chili and season with salt and pepper.
3. In a casserole put a little from butter under low setting. As the butter melts, place the chicken breasts and the red pepper slices, cook them thoroughly.
4. Once they are close to being done, mix in the broccoli and resume cooking; careful not to overcook the broccoli.
5. Pour in the onion and garlic blended mixture. Bring momentarily to a boil, then reduce heat setting until the water excess is evaporated.
Serve the spaghetti pasta with the sauce we just did, the broccoli and red pepper. Sprinkle uniformly some Worcestershire sauce, to your taste.
Portions: 6