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True and traditional Italian pasta recipes

Honor your guests by making these genuine italian pasta recipes, then by serving them these dishes... Most of the recipes presented here come from long standing italian food traditions from Italy. These authentic recipes were selected so that there will be a wide selection of recipes from many different parts of Italy using different types of pasta and ingredients, to please all tastes! These recipes are genuine italian small town recipes; most are economical to produce as they were almost always created by peasants and people with small means who had to be creative in using the inexpensive ingredients they had within their reach. The outcome is always the same: a great dish with an interesting historical background... Have fun browsing through our printer-friendly recipe pages...
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Parma Rosa Sauce
Salmon Tortellini
Spaghetti Vongole
Fettuccine alla romana
Puttanesca sauce
Sicilian eggplant pesto
Pasta alla Lupara
Fettuccine Alfredo
Penne Arrabbiata
Linguine Paprikash
Linguine Primavera
Spaghetti Salsa Alla Marinara
Spaghetti di campagna
Bucatini Amatriciana
Spaghetti alla Veneziana
Bucatini alla marchigiana
Cinnamon Rigatoni
Bucatini al Pesto Trapanese
Penne alla Boscaiola
Pappardelle al sugo di tacchino
Pasta Scarpariello
Pasta di Zucchini
Gnocchi alla sorrentina
Linguine All'Aragosta
Romano and butter pasta
Penne with mushrooms and sausage
Spaghetti Allo Scoglio
Pasta alla Norma
Pasta allo Sugo Finto
Cuttlefish linguini
Cannelloni alla siciliana
Rigatoni Mamma mia
Ziti with eggplant and scamorza
Linguine pancetta e lenticchie
Crema di Zucchine
Shrimp & Zucchini Pasta
Strozzapreti alla Potentina
Bucatini con le Sarde
Rigatoni al salto
Spaghetti alla trippa
Penne al Cartoccio
Penne con funghi e prosciutto
Spaghetti with capers and olives
Pasta alla campagnola
Penne ricotta salata and eggplant
Pasta and Beans with Mussels
I vincigrassi di Marche
Tagliatelle with Salmon, Vodka Sauce
Pasta with Lamb Sauce
Rigatoni Calabrese
Pork Costine over Tagiatelle
Fusilli al ragù di agnello con mandorle
Spaghetti alla Buttera
Orecchiette with mushrooms

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