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Penne with curry and meat, homemade!

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Here is one recipe that is very simple and quick to make, and you can do with any piece of meat or leftover you have at hand in your house. You can prepare this in just 15 minutes and the sauce resulting from the combination of curry, zucchini and meat tastes just nothing short from very exotic and delicious ...


* 1 lb. pasta (I recommend penne or linguine)
* 1/2 lb. diced pork or beef
* 2 zucchini vegetables
* shallots celery
* curry
* pepper or paprika
* white wine


Cut the meat into small pieces and put them away, I have tried this recipe with pork but beef or any other not too lean meats are fine.

Cut into thin slices your shallots, celery and zucchini, pour a little bit of olive oil in your favorite skillet and sauté the vegetables under medium heat.
Add salt and freshly ground black pepper, raise the heat and add to the vegetables a small glass of white wine.

Maintain a moderate heat until the excess liquid evaporates, stirring constantly.

Mix in at this point our pieces of meat, reduce heat to low, cover your skillet and simmer for 10 minutes.
At the same time, bring to a boil the water that will be used to boil the pasta, in your favorite pot. Cook the pasta as per package instructions. Once done, drain the pasta, saving one cup of water for later.
Once you add the pasta slowly add the water you had reserved from boiling the pasta to the pan. After 5 minutes add to the mixture a tablespoon of curry powder and continue to pour with water from the pasta for the remaining time.
The curry is added to this recipe in order to create a special flavor and texture. Sprinkle abundanlty with parmesan before serving.
Buon appetito!