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Fusilli with shrimp and zucchini

When preparing this sauce, I recommend you use a large skillet so that you can saute right in it the pasta with its pasta sauce.
If you do not have a big enough skillet no problems, you can always use the pot you have used to cook the pasta.
Well .... Let's roll up our sleeves and begin:


- 1 lb. fusilli pasta
- 1 lb. diced tomatoes
- 1/2 lb. frozen shrimp
- 2 zucchini (pick them preferably short and thick), diced
- 1 can of corn can
- 1 onion
- salt, freshly ground black pepper
- extra-virgin olive oil
- half cup red wine
- 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan or pecorino

Cooking instructions:

1. Dice the onion into small square bits and saute in a saucepan with a generous amount of olive oil. (Do not be unecessarily frugal with the oil because it will help with cooking the zucchini later on.)
2. Once the onion is slightly golden, add the diced zucchini, and fry over medium heat, stirring and mixing often to avoid sticking. May I add: The cooking of zucchini is important! Before adding any other ingredient, your zucchini should have a nice brown color and have become soft.
3. Strain the water from the corn can and add corn to the zucchini, season, and let everything cook for a few of minutes.
4. Add the diced tomatoes, cover with a lid the pan and simmer under low heat (more or less for 15 \ 20 min), stirring and checking from time to time. I recommend cooking using low heat! The tomatoes need enough time to cook, lose their water and keep all their flavor.
5. When the tomatoes will seem almost cooked and liquefied, it's time to add in the shrimps still frozen but peeled. At this point, add in half cup of red wine. Put the lid back and cook for another 5 minutes.
6. Take out the lid, add salt, black pepper and or hot chili flakes and finish cooking for another few minutes, until the water released from shrimp has evaporated. If necessary, add a drizzle of olive oil at the end.

Serve immediately, prepare each plate nicely with some parmesan, or let your guests sprinkle their own.